Marine electrical imaging reveals novel freshwater transport mechanism in Hawai‘i

I recently presented the results of this project in the Friday seminar (TGIF) of Hawaiʻi Institute of Geophysics & Planetology, School of Ocean and Earth Science Technology, University of Hawaiʻi.

My TGIF talk can be found in this link:

The paper associated with these findings will soon be published in Science Advances (expected publication date: 11.25.2020).

IkeWai marine CSEM results first presented at AGU Annual Fall Meeting 2019

The results of the IkeWai marine CSEM project were presented for the first time at AGU Annual Fall Meeting that was held in San Fransico this year. The results include 2-D CSEM isotropic/anisotropic inversions and magnetic data that image the electrical resistivity and magnetic signature of submarine groundwater structures extending up to ~4 km offshore. Our poster attracted attention from Earth scientists and hydrologists.