IkeWai marine CSEM results first presented at AGU Annual Fall Meeting 2019

The results of the IkeWai marine CSEM project were presented for the first time at AGU Annual Fall Meeting that was held in San Fransico this year. The results include 2-D CSEM isotropic/anisotropic inversions and magnetic data that image the electrical resistivity and magnetic signature of submarine groundwater structures extending up to ~4 km offshore. Our poster attracted attention from Earth scientists and hydrologists.

Our Marine Survey Began​!​

Today we began our survey! We acquired CSEM data, as well as multi-beam seafloor and water column data along a survey crossline. The Kona coastline has a fair amount of boat traffic, which made it challenging for our chase boat to clear the survey track for the Huki Pono and protect our Porpoise array at the same time. All things considered, we had a long and hectic day but fairly productive.

Eric is giving a boat tour and explanation about the different data acquisition​ systems to Steve, Jason, ​and Emily, the chase boat team from UH Hilo marine operation​s.

An admiral chart of the survey region displayed on the captain’s screen, as Breden adds survey lines to the HyPack navigation software.

Jason & Patrick preparing the multi-beam for deployment.

Patch test for multi-beam calibration.

Recovery of the CSEM Porpoise array at sunset.